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The establishment of “Taylor Tips Beauty Academy Sdn Bhd” (in July 2013) is not just to increase the number of competitors in the personal care and beauty industry in Malaysia but to set benchmark in providing excellent training and professional education to all beauty enthusiasts.

Without compromising the professional standards, Taylor Tips Beauty Academy Sdn Bhd has carefully devised a 14 day full nail course to benefit those who have enrolled themselves. Led

by a goal-oriented leader, Taylor Tips Beauty Academy Sdn Bhd does not believe in some of the orthodox teaching methods which are time-consuming and more often than not, costly.  


With the trust placed in us, we work extra hard and responsibly so as to achieve each and every 

expeation of our students. We communicate, listen and take all their constructive feedbacks seriously and positively because our motto has always been that “Your Future Is Our Mission”! Apart from planting the seeds of knowledge, we also nurture and walk hand in hand with our students whom we perceive as “our babies” to ensure their continuous growth. We endeavor to explore the possibilities with our students and to direct them, upon the successful completion of the nail course, to the right career path. At Taylor Tips Beauty Academy Sdn Bhd, we are also ready and willing to help our qualified students to achieve their dreams by creating possible chances for them to become a nail instructor.


In order the enhance their learning experience and to strengthen the practical application of their knowledge acquired at Taylor Tips Beauty Academy Sdn Bhd, our students are always encouraged to take part in various competitions relating to nail art and/or eyelashes, both locally and internationally. Such continuous exposure is vital because we believe that career progression, motivation and strong desire to excel often come from challenges and its rewards.

It has always been our hope at Taylor Tips Beauty Academy Sdn Bhd to shape a better future for our students who are passionate about becoming an aesthetician or cosmetologist i.e. manicurist and/or eyelash extension specialist. It is also our duty to discover the hidden talents of the younger generation and to overcome and clear up the society’s misconceptions toward this promising career that has gained much global recognition over time.


Taylor Tips Beautys Academy is accessible to all. If you wish to know more about the courses that are available or to take part in a course, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Located at Jalan Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur, Taylor Tips Beauty Academy Sdn Bhd provides the conducive environment for all its students in acquiring and exchanging knowledge and experience. Miss Yin Wai Si, the Eyelash Instructor cum International Judge of eylash with other qualified and passionate lecturers, offer various courses on eyelash extensions. Using the much adored teaching techniques from Taiwan, Taylor Tips Beauty Academy Sdn Bhd ensures only the best end results for its students from all walks of life.

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