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DAY 1 (3D)


*Knowledge of Eyelash Extension


*Different technique of extension
  on marketing


*Different of eye shape


*Different Kind of eyelash design


*Intructions and maintenance after
  eyelash extension


*Knowledge of eyelash specification


*Supplimentry equiment knowledge


*Pratice on manequine

DAY 2 (6D)


*6D Eyelash Technique


*Difference of Eyelash And eyeshape


*lashes how to firmly attached at
  the root


*how to extend eyelash on fine hair


*Knowledge of Glue


*Faster way to sustained bloom lash


* how to mantaince your eyelash extension


*Pratice on manequine



*procedure of eyelash extension


*demostration on model


*the safest way to remove eyelash extension

RM 1888

Price are include whole set product and certificate

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